Monday, August 3, 2009

My Review With The Internet Marketing Seminar

Hello, I'm Michael, 23, and I just want to first introduce myself as a part of my review. I graduated college on March 2008, passed the board exam on September 2008, got a job on October 2008. I feel so bored after several months because what I do at work is extremely routine so I try to find another job for a sideline, I was accepted in a university as a part-time instructor.

All I know is just to earn money by investing my time at work, so when I learned that there is an Internet Marketing Hands-On Seminar which can give me a semi passive income, I tried my best to get a slot for the said seminar. I have almost no idea what really is that thing, I know marketing and I know internet a bit, but internet marketing? Almost clueless! I have a big trust on Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario was introduced by Him, so I say to myself that this must not be a scam, what will I learn from this seminar is worth it for my money and time that I will invest to this seminar.

From my active incomes, I acquired the needed amount for the seminar. And just what I thought, my time and effort to pay this seminar is really a great investment. Even me that is not so familiar with internet marketing has now a clearer view in the world of internet. I was amazed to know that in order to earn via internet, the only thing we need is the courage to fulfill your goals and the right information.

Jomar gave us the right information, the other thing is up to us. My goal now is to earn at least a million in a span of three years. From this moment that I typed my review, I barely made a blog that will gave me earnings but I can say that my goals will soon be an accomplishment so I can make another confidently, because I know I learned from a man who is not just passionate to earn money but is also dedicated in ensuring that you will become successful just by using the power of the web. But of course, we need to act.

My review may seems like a blog, but that is the idea. I can post this review to my blog and possibly earn and at the same time I send a review about the seminar and hopefully get a freebies.This is how exciting an internet marketing is and blog is just one of topics that you can learn. The world is full of resources, I didn't know that there are really some hidden in the net until the day I attended the seminar.

This is my full honest review and I'm happy to give this review not just to receive the freebies, but as a way to thank you for generously giving information that many people will not.

P.S. Thank you Kuya Jomar, I hope it's ok to call you kuya. Your such a huge blessing to all of the attendees!

P.S.S. I hope your virtual assistants will still give me the freebies. I hope kuya won't take the last part of my review seriously.

This is where it all starts, just click here to know how to join. This is in the Philippines, but I think Jomar Hilario is going anywhere in the world for the right price.

There is also online club, which is an online version of the hands-on seminar.